8 pack abs workout

Sergi Constance Eight Pack Abs Workout

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eight pack abs training

Sergi Constance is a Spanish fitness model who is famous around the world for having one of the most aesthetic physiques in the world. He is part of the new generation of top fitness models along with Ryan Terry who are dominating when it comes to aesthetics. Today I will share how this fitness model gets cover ready thick and well defined abs.

Sergi Constance Info

Nationality: Spanish
Height: 185cm
Weight: 94kg
sergi constance 8 pack abs workout

Sergi Constance abs workout for ripped 6 pack abs

In an interview with simplyshredded.com Sergi Constance shared his ideal workout out plan. It would consist of 5 workout days per week and 2 rest days. He would only train abs during 2 of those workout days mixing his ab training in with training for the rest of his body.

A typical abs workout session (after a main workout) would consist of:

3 sets of 15 crunches
3 sets of 20 leg raises (on floor or hanging)

If you choose to train abs on two workout days after your gym session for a major body part, then you can swap different exercises such as planks, using abs roller, twists, decline crunches, cable crunches and oblique crunches.

On his website he has a dedicated page of abs exercises were he shares his ab exercises from beginner level to advanced  level in order to help you to also develop the abs of a fitness model with the 3D effect.

He has also posted videos of his abs exercises on YouTube, you can watch one of them below.

Sergi Constance Look when competing at Olympia

Sergi Constance Diet for Getting 8 Pack Abs

In his interviews and on his site Sergi stresses that “A good, clean diet will make sure your abs are visible.” Sergi eats 6 meals a day and he shared the following sample diet on his simply shredded interview:

I. Oats + two eggs + 6 egg whites.
II. 6 rice cakes + red meat + walnuts.
III. White rice + chicken + tomatoes + walnuts.
IV. 2 rice cakes + protein shake + Glutamine
V. Tuna + veggiess + walnuts
VI. Salmon + veggies + walnuts.