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How to Get Abs like Top Fitness Model Ryan Terry

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fitness model abs like ryan terry

Ryan terry is one of the best fitness models in the world, he has a crazy physique and one of the best set of abs in the world. He has conquered Europe and now competes against Americans on his quest to be the best in the world on the Olympia stage. Ryan Terry is shredded all year round so today we will share his abs workout routine so that you can try and mimic it and try to get thick, blocky well developed abs like this top fitness model. We will also share his diet so that you have an idea how people who stay this shredded eat to maintain such shape.

Ryan Terry’s abs Routine

In an interview with Muscle and strength Ryan Terry revealed his top 3 favourite abs exercises as the Hanging leg raise as it targets the whole midsection, weighted crunches & the cable woodchop. In the videos below he shares ab workouts that you can do at beginner, intermediate and advanced level in order to get abs like him, so you will be able to see him doing the exercises I mentioned above.

Ryan Terry treats abs like any other muscle so he only trains them twice a week and gives them adequate time to recover.

Ryan Terry’s sample diet plan

Meal 1  120g Oats, 30g Blueberries, 10g Almonds & 30g of Whey Protein

Meal 2  3 Eggs & 2 slices of Granary Bread

Meal 3  Tin of Tuna, 300g White Potato & Mixed Salad/Vegetables

Meal 4  200g Chicken Breast & 80g Dry White Rice
Meal 5  300g Steak, 200g Sweet Potato & Mixed Vegetables

Meal 6  200g Salmon & Salad

Supplements     In an interview on a USN website Ryan terry shared his top 5 supplements as BCAA PowerPunch, Pure Protein GF-1, Hardcore Whey gH, CLA Thermos, and finally protein delite bars as a snack (please note that links in pics are affiliate links).

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