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How to get well developed abs like fitness model Marc Fitt

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marc fitt ripped abs
Marc Fitt Ripped Abs

On my list of guys with the most ripped and developed abs I named Marc Fitt as one of those guys. This 22 year old French-Canadian guy has one of the best bodies in the wold but his best feature is his rock hard, super ripped 6 pack. He has an extremely low body-fat which allows him to reveal this abs, but he also has lean muscle that the opposite sex desires making him a favourite on YouTube and the inter-webs in general. Marc Fitt like many other fitness guys trains abs regularly, in fact he trains abs every day as abs are a fast recovering muscle and constant ab work works better than if you were to train abs only once a week. Also remember that its easier to get ripped developed abs if you do those heavy compound lifts as they indirectly work out abs when you aren't paying any attention to them. What I mean is if a guy works out with weights they are more likely to get developed abs even if they do not work them out frequently because of heavy lifts like squats, dead-lifts etc. But if you are a guy who just wants abs you will get better results with frequent ab work.

Below is a video sharing Marc Fitts creative ab workout routine showing you how he got so ripped, enjoy and don't forget to try this at home:

What type of diet does Marc Fitt have:

Marc Fitt does not believe in complicated diets, he keeps it simple with leans meats, complex carbs, fruits and veggies as well as healthy fats such as omega 3 fats. The type of food he eats changes depending on his goals.

What supplements does Marc Fitt use:

Whey isolate (by Beyond Yourself)
BCAA (by Beyond Yourself)
Glutamine (by Beyond Yourself)
creatine monohydrate (by Beyond Yourself)
– PREWoD (by Beyond Yourself)
– AMRAP (by Beyond Yourself)
– Test Alpha (by Beyond Yourself)
– EPA | DHA (by Beyond Yourself)
– Dextrose (simple sugar)
– Multi-vitamins

L-carnitine (by Beyond Yourself)

Where to find Marc Fitt:

website: marcfitt.com
YouTube: Marc Fitt
Twitter: Marc_Fitt
Facebook: Marc.Fitt

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