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15 of The Most Ripped 8 Pack Abs and 6 Pack Abs In The World

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Getting crazy ripped 8 pack abs is no child's play, it is what separates normal civilians from fitness models. Fitness models somehow manage to get those thick ripped abs with deep cuts, and they also manage to stay lean all year round just in case a magazine gives them a call to come have a photo shoot. Today I bring you 15 fitness personalities with the most amazing 8 pack abs and six pack abs in the world.

Top 15 Most Ripped Abs in Fitness:

Marc Fitt
marc fitt ripped 6 pack
Website: marcfitt.com
Age: 22
Height and weight: 5'10, 170lbs
marc fitt ab workout

Obi Obadike
Obi Obadike ripped abs most ripped fitness model
website: Obiobadike.com
Age: 37
Height and weight: 6'2, 190lbs

Lazar Angelov
Lazar Angelov most ripped abs
Website: lazarangelov.com
Age: 28
Height and weight: 5'11, 195lbs

Greg Plitt
number 1 fitness model 8 pack abs
Website: gregplitt.com
Age: 35
Height and weight: 6'1, 195lbs
Ulisses Williams Jr
Ulisses Williams Jr 8 pack abs
Age: 35
Height and weight: 5'10, 185lbs contest weight, 205lbs offseason

Ryan Terry
Ryan terry ripped abs
height and weight: 5'11, 174lbs

Alon Gabbay
Alon Gabbay 8 pack abs
Age: 25
Height and Weight: 5'10, 187lbs

James Ellis
James Ellis insanely ripped abs
Age: 32
height and weight: 5'11, 180lbs 

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Lee Stram
lee stram 8 pack abs
Lee Stram Twitter
height and weight: 6'1, 200lbs

Diego Sebastian
Diego Sebastian 8 pack abs
Age: 42
height and weight: 6'4, 220lbs

Sergi Constance
Sergi Constance ripped developed abs
Age: 24
height and weight: 6'1, 216lbs

Akiva Stopford
Akiva Stopford insanely ripped abs
Akiva's Bodyspace
Age: 26
height and weight:  5'8, 165lbs

Rob Riches
rob riches 6 pack abs
Age: 29
height and weight: 5'10, 180lbs
Rob Riches six pack ab training

Max Philisaire
max philisaire ripped to shreds
Age: 32
height and weight: 6'1, 195lbs

Matus Valent

matus valent six pack abs
Age: 31
Height and weight: 6'3, 205lbs

There you have it, now you have seen some of the best abs in the world, I hope you are now motivated to try and emulate these guys and get sick abs yourself. Here is a little something to help you on your way to ripped 8 pack ab: 8 Pack Abs Workout Routine