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8 pack abs for #OctoAbs

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Get ripped abs for #OctAbs

On twitter there are always fitness trends among the fitties. One of the trends is to dedicate each month to achieving certain goals, last month it was squat Sept this month focus goes to getting ripped abs during #OctoAbs. I love how all the fitness anons & fitness accounts (Fitblrs) encourage and motivate each other on twitter and on Tumblr. If ever you find it hard to stick to your goals and you lack the inspiration to push on, I advise you to open a twitter account dedicated to improving your fitness, through exercise and healthy eating, or joining the fit fam on Tumblr where there is never a shortage of workout inspiration (through visual aids made from a combination of inspiring images and motivational quotes).

It is amazing the effect of others when it comes to making us get off the coach and start working out. Also when you are on these sites you get to meet awesome individuals whom you will form friendships with, individuals whose stories and transformation will give you strength when you need it, individuals who will help you get up when you fail because failure is not permanent, its only when you don’t get up and do something about it when it becomes permanent.

Abs Workout Breakdown for #Octoabs

For #OctoAbs the aim is to be ripped and have a flat belly by the end of the month, so what you should do is pick out a number of abs exercises and a form of cardio. Let’s say you choose 4 abs workout for example sit ups (upper abs), planks(whole abs region), leg raises(lower abs) and Russian (cherry pickers) twists for obliques, then maybe you choose cycling or jump rope as your cardio. At the beginning of the month you could start out small with like doing 15 reps of each abs exercise one after the other without a break.  In a week you could have 4 abs workout days, 2 cardio days between abs workout days and 1 rest day, working abs can form part of your normal gym routine it does not interfere with your normal weight lifting. Working out abs can be done after your workouts.

To continue explaining the progressive abs routine, since you are working abs out 4 times a week for #OctoAbs on the first abs workout day you could do 15 reps for each example exercise I mentioned above or any 4 abs exercise of your liking that target all abs regions. The first abs day might not seem challenging but each abs day you should increase the amount of reps you do by about 10 to 15 reps so that by the end of #OctoAbs you are doing a serious number of challenging reps of each exercise one after the other.
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As for the cardio, the aim is to progressively improve there as well. If you are choosing something like jump rope, you should plan to increase the amount of time you spend doing jump rope over the month for example starting out with doing 3 to 5 mins the increasing the time every cardio session you have. Same with cycling, you should aim to increase you distance while decreasing the amount of time it takes you for example if you do 5Km in 10 minutes then you should aim for doing 6 km in 10 minutes or something like that, but the point is to always improve every week no matter how small the improvement. The point is to have a high intensity of training.

You will find that challenging yourself in this way will result in you being shredded and having those ripped 8 pack abs by the end of #OctoAbs.