8 pack abs workout,

Hardcore 8 packs abs workout

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8 pack abs workout
hardcore 8 pack abs workout chart

Getting ripped abs requires you to workout hard, consistently and smartly. To get hardcore 8 pack abs like Greg Plitt, you will require a strict diet and an effective workout plan. My past two posts here have been about nutrition and the kinds of foods that you need to avoid, in future I will write a post about the kinds of food you should include in your diet. This post is going to be a workout post, a workout strategy post to be more accurate.

To get a completely ripped hardcore midsection which is often only seen in fitness models and statues of Greek god's you should have a hardcore workout plan to target each and every section of your abs. So I made this hardcore 8 pack abs workout chart that shows workouts that target each section of your midsection.

This workout is meant to target upper abs, lower abs and your obliques to make sure you have the complete abs look. Abs are one of those body parts like calfs which can be worked out more often then others since they recover fairly quickly, so it is important to work abs out as often as you possibly can. So with this workout plan, we have 3 ab days, each targeting a different section of your abs. You can train your abs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or what ever suits you best, train abs after you do your workouts.

You could even add an additional abs day where you mix in a combination of lower, upper and oblique abs regions.

So I will just explain the workouts below

Upper abs workout day

On upper abs day you are going to do sit-ups with proper controlled form and a plank/side plank combination. You have to do these exercises with intensity for maximum effectiveness, and there will be no breaks between side plank combo sets.

So you have to begin by doing 25 sit ups but in a slow controlled motion, take the same time going up and back down, squeeze at the top and then repeat 4 times.

After the last set, move straight to plank for 30 seconds, then after 30 seconds is over move straight to the side plank on one side for another 30 seconds, then move straight to other side for 30 seconds. That was one set, now repeat that 4 times and you are done. You could do 1 set of sit ups and then 1 set of plank combo if you like and repeat it like that for 4 setds. Also plank are more of an entire abdominal area workout.

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Lower abs workout day

This is the most difficult region of abs to train, but fear not we are bringing on the pain. for this region I have chosen 3 exercises, hanging leg raises which are the best lower abs workout, jack-knife sit up exercise and the scissor legs abs exercise.

You are going to start with the hanging leg raises, do 20 reps for 4 sets, take short 30sec breaks between sets we want to make it intense. After hanging leg raises you will do the jack knife sit up exercise also for 4 sets of 20. Lastly you will do the scissor legs abs exercise, by this point if you were intense and only taking 30 second breaks between sets your abs should be burning, just push through the pain and do the scissoer legs until failure and the burning sensation becomes unbearable.

Obliques day

For obliques you are only going to be doing 2 workouts, the dumbbell side bends and the oblique sit ups.
Start by doing the dumbbell side bends, you have to do 4 sets of 25 reps 2 reps for each hand hold the dumbbell (meaning you are going to hold the dumbbell on your left hand side first and do side bends to both sides 25 times then you will switch hands and hold the dumbbell on other side and do the same, keep repeating until both hands have held dumbbell twice). Try using a dumbbell that is as heavy as possible without causing you to lose form, this workout will have your obliques burning, its probably the best oblique workout. Next you must do 4 sets of 25 oblique sit ups and then you are done for oblique day. By now all of your midsection will be in pain and laughing will be painful, that will be evidence of your hard work.

This is just a sample workout, you can make countless combinations of workouts for all ab days.