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Avoid these foods and do bodyweight exercises

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I read this interesting post about how if you avoid 4 kinds of food you will lose weight by Kris on his blog kriskris.com which is a nutritional blog that aims at giving people legit information with the research and studies to prove it unlike the information people get from financially driven nutritionist who have deals with pharmaceutical companies. I will briefly just tell you about 3 of the foods he found out about that all people looking to lose weight must avoid. I will also tell you a bit about what to do in addition to avoiding those foods in order for you to look and feel great.

Now avoiding these foods is relevant to people who want to have 8 pack abs because the hardest part about getting 8 pack abs is not really the abdominal workouts that you need to do but shedding fat which covers up your trained abs. Belly fat is one of the most difficult types of fat to get rid of but by avoiding these foods you are well on your way to having that great beach body.
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The 3 foods to avoid are:

Avoid sugar in all its forms because it makes you fat and has no nutrients and a lot  calories and we know that in order to lose weight we need to eat fewer calories than the calories needed to maintain our current bigger self.

Avoid unsaturated fats (Tran’s fats) – unsaturated fats are found mostly in fast foods and canned foods, they are chemically modified fats in order to make them shelf stable and solid. These fats increase your cholesterol.

Refined wheat products – According to Kris wheat product are almost as bad as sugar because it lacks nutrients and just unnecessarily increases your caloric intake. There are diets that require you to not eat any wheat products at all, so no bread because it is bad for you especially if you eat too much of it and are diabetic or over weight (Oprah was on one of those diets(no bread) and she lost weight during that period of her life).

If you want to check out Kris’s original post go to http://www.kriskris.com/worst-foods-to-eat/.
If you want to reveal abs avoiding those foods would be a huge chunk of the job already done, replacing these foods with more nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, red meat, fish, nuts and chicken will get you results.

Add bodyweight exercises into the mix if you serious about burning that stomach fat because doing bodyweight exercises will not only make you stronger but it will increase your metabolic rate which means you will be burning more calories.

There are many bodyweight exercises you could do, the more popular ones are, squats, jumping jacks, pull ups, chin ups, inverted rows, mountain climbers, push ups, dips et cetera. Adding cardio into the mix will make sure you burn even more fat, jumping rope is an example of fun effective cardio or you could do the more traditional forms of cardio, whatever suits your fancy.

One last thing, if you are not really keen on cardio, you could try intermittent fasting, this is a non restrictive diet (it’s not even really a diet because you can still eat the food you love and still see results). One of the most popular books and programs on this kind of diet is the Eat Stop Eat model of intermittent fasting by Brad Pilon.