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Building 8 pack abs by building an aesthetic body

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If you want to build a great set of abs, the first place to start is to build an aesthetic body that will go with the 8 pack. Just think about it, have you ever seen a skinny guy with no chest and arms look aesthetic with just a pair of 8 pack abs....Of-course you have not because it does not look good and its like people in the body-building forums say 'a skinny guy with abs is like a fat guy who is really strong, it does not count.' That may sound a bit harsh but it is true, most people would not want to be like you because it is simply not aesthetic. I used to be the skinny guy with abs.

skinny me with abs

The fitness model look

Have you seen fitness models, that is how you want to look if you are looking for aesthetics, they have good size but not very big size like body-builders, they are more attractive to the opposite sex and most of all they look good in clothing, you can still tell they workout because the shirts are tight and they do not have to wear extra baggy pants because aesthetics is not about having super thick legs.

Training Other bodyparts to get abs

Going back to the having abs by training other body parts method, If you train other body parts not only will you look better shirtless but you will be indirectly training abs as well because most of these workout especially the one's with heavy lifting involve the core to stabilize the body. Without even knowing it you will be training your core, so you would see results even faster than if you were just training abs twice a week. Plus if you train large muscles like your back and legs, it helps the rest of your muscles grow because these large muscles stimulate the body to increase secretion level of hormones that help growth. Since your abs are a muscle they will benefit as well, especially in terms of thickness and having deep fitness model cuts.

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Burning stomach fat

If you were only planning on burning belly fat you would not necessarily need to go to the gym, you could do some abs exercises at home and/or follow a fat burning cardio program such as a DVD program. Most of these include some sort of kicking or leg lift or some other movement that stimulates abs so you burn fat and work abs at the same time. If you have not joined a gym, to build muscle in other body-parts like your chest, back and shoulders so that you look aesthetic buy weights if you can afford them or do various weightless exercises ( check out my main blog  for body-weight exercise routines).

me after working out using weights - on the left I weigh the same as the right but on the right I have  a lower bf %

Using machines and weights

On the other hand joining a gym could do you some good even if you just want to burn stomach fat build 8 pack abs, joining the gym gives you access to a variety of machines for cardio, and machines to help you build your body with the benefit to abs mentioned above. In addition to that to do weighted sit-ups and crunches involving cables and other abdominal exercise combo's used by the fitness pro's to build ripped shredded abs with a combination of weighted cables and angles created on gym benches, you need to have access to that equipment.

I hope you realize that to have aesthetic 8 pack abs you also need an aesthetic body to match, I wish you the best of luck along your journey to getting ripped and shredded abs, you can do it!