8 pack abs workout,

8 pack abs workout program

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8 pack abs workout routine

This is a beginners guide to getting those ripped abs that you have always wanted. I want to help all of those that want abs and are willing to read and listen. I will share all this information on how to get 8 pack abs for free. I share more on other workouts on my main blog  zulu muscle express, and yes as the title suggests I share information on how to gain muscle fast if you want a lean muscular look, I also share how I gained over 15kg (33lbs) in under one year.


I have a 3 step model for getting ripped 8 pack abs, and if all steps of this model are followed you will have great results and you can show off your new set of ripped abs at the beach. The steps to this model are diet, ab workouts and cardio. This is more of a beginners guide so I will explain how to do four exercises that target all ab regions and I will list the rest if you are interested in a lot of ab exercise variation. If you are not a beginner and you have been trying to get abs, this will also help you get the abs you have always wanted.

how to get ripped eight pack abs (african 6pack abs)

Below is a break down of all 3 vital steps that I mentioned above:

  • Diet

    - perhaps the most important of all these 3 stages, you need to stop eating junk food if you are serious about this or at-least eat junk food once a week not most of the week. You need to cut down on fat by this I mean cook low fat foods and go for the good fats like omega 3 fats which are found in fish and nuts and also use olive oil to cook if you can afford it. Eat dark green veggies they are the best for you, and eat lots of fruits and drink fresh 100% fruit juice. Drink a lot of water, this will help you build and repair your ab muscles but also this will increase your blood volume hence improving the transportation of essential nutrients around your body. Eat a lot of protein, i'm talking of lots of chicken breast, fish, nuts, peanut butter you name it, you are going to need protein to build thick ripped abs that make other guys wish they were you. To help burn fat all the fitness models use fat burning supplements to help them get that lean shredded 6% bodyfat look, I personally have not used them so I cannot much on their effectiveness.
  • Ab workouts

    - all ab workouts work but you need to make sure you are targeting the right regions to get the results you want. You need to target the upper and lower abs as well as the obliques. You could do a lot of ab exercises but I suggest you stick to a few at a time such as doing 3 at a time in reps of 20-25 for 4 sets. This will get the job done, do ab exercises every other day or at least twice weekly. Here are some ab exercises I like which are ranging from easy to difficult but effective, I will explain how to do them towards (4 of my favourites) the end of this post: crunches, weighted crunches, reverse crunches, sit-ups, hanging leg raises, captains chair leg raises, lying on the floor leg lifts/raises, jack knife sit-up exercise, planks, side planks, v-ups, oblique v-ups, hanging oblique twists, bicycles lying on your back, reverse bicycles etc.
  • Cardio

    - this is to burn the fat on your stomach that prevents your abs from being visible. There are a lot of cardio exercises to choose from you can choose which ever one you prefer. You could jog, cycle, do martial arts, play soccer, play tennis, swim for many laps, pool exercise like trying to run in water more like walking, ride your bicycle or the one at the gym, run on a treadmill, do those cardio exercise like taebo, sprint or dance. Do this get your sweat on and feel heated up as your heart rate goes up and your metabolic rate increases and you will burn some fat and reveal that 8 pack you have been working hard to create.

Here are the four ab exercises I am going to explain in detail that will do wonders for you:


- yes they are the most basic exercise but there is a reason why top fitness professional still recommend them and the reason they worked in the past is still the reason they work today. Do as many as you can at first but ultimately you should do 500+ ( if you are doing a sit up only abs session) to get great results, you want to feel the burn, and you should really be struggling towards your last few reps but be strong and hold on and keep going, eventually these will be a breeze and effortless. I suggest you do 1 big set or split your reps into 3 big sets for the best effect. Sit ups ups are great for your upper abs and obliques if you do many. For those who don't know how sit-ups are done you basically lie flat on your back in a position that will allow you to be as stable as possible like with your knees raised and the soles of your feet on the floor or with your legs together straight on the floor if you have a partner( ask someone to hold your legs so you don't cheat, having a workout partner would be great), now put your hands on the back of your head (but do not use your hands to aid you, use your abs) and lift you upper body until its perpendicular to the floor squeeze at the top then go back to starting position, that is one rep, now repeat!

Hanging leg raises

- These do wonders for your lower abs, I suggest you do 4 sets of about 20 -25 reps. The first version is all called knee ups this is when you are hanging from a horizontal bar, then you lift you knees until they are just over the point where they are parallel to the floor, or you could do the more difficult version where your legs are straight and you lift them till they are just above 90 degrees to your body an even more difficult version is lift your legs straight up till they touch the bar you are holding on to.

Hanging oblique twists

- these are great for your lower abs and obliques, you hang same like the leg raises above but you lift you knees in a twisting position to your left then twist to your right and return to start position and repeat. You could also lift twist to one side go down, and lift twist to the other side and go down, you choose. Do 20 - 25 reps of 4 sets


- These simultaneously train your upper and lower abs, this exercise is extremely difficult but really effective. do as many reps as you can, for 4 sets. Basically you lie on the floor and you lift your legs first to make it easier then lift your upper body shortly afterwards towards your legs in an attempt to make them meet halfway then you go back to start position. Try and not to touch the floor when you go back down stop just short of touching the floor with both your legs and upper body. Note: keep legs as straight as possible.

You can mix all 4 of these exercises into a good ab workout. If you are doing all these abs exercises together then you will not need to do too many sit ups, you can decrease the reps to 20-25 reps like the rest of these exercises for 3 to 4 sets each. I hope this information helps you out, if you are consistent you will see great results.